Friday, July 27, 2012

Size of iPhone's Photo

Device Photo Size Photo's w:d Ratio Instagram High Resolution Instagram Low Resolution
iPhone 4S 2448 x 3264 3:4 2048 x 2048 612 x 612
iPhone 4 1936 x 2592 3:4 1936 x 1936 612 x 612
iPhone 3GS 1536 x 2048 3:4 1536 x 1536 612 x 612
Recently, I need to do some research about iPhone's photoing functions. Have some figures consolidated here to share with you and also for referring back by myself.

We all know iPhone's screen size is 320 x 480 (640 x 960 for retina), and the ratio is 2:3. Physical screen's w:h ratio 2:3 and photo's w:h ratio 3:4 is close to each other, but the difference is there. If we compare these two ratios, we will find that the photo has more width. People may seldom realize the difference because Apple has done intelligent handling when you are taking the photo with the "Camera App" and when you are viewing the photo with the "Photos App".

When you use the "Camera App" to take a photo, the preview live screen has a width=320px and a height=480px-53px (the camera controls is around 53px) =427px;320:427 is about the same as 3:4. So the preview screen and the photo's w:h ratio is the same, you get exactly what you see in the live preview captured in the photo without any distortion.

Let's see what happens when you open the photo from the "Photos App". Most likely you enter the full-screen mode. Oops, how come the photo with w:d=3:4 just fits into the iPhone's screen with w:d=2:3? The secret is it doesn't really fit. When you zoom out, you will find out the full-screen photo hides small parts at left and right while fits in the height only.

When talking about iPhone photo, have to mention Instagram. Instagram is a great app with simplicity, power, fun. Instagram's photos are all square shape, no need to worry about the ratios. All images are cropped into square before processing.

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