Thursday, May 31, 2012

Map of iOS SDK Frameworks

I recently saw a map of iOS SDK Frameworks, and was surprised by the author's mindful effort to create it. This map should have come from Apple's developer site or xCode, but it never happened.

I problems when develop an App with lastest iOS SDK but support old iOS (e.g. base SDK: iOS 5.1,  Deployment Target: iOS4.0). When I create functions whose API is only available for iOS 5.0+, that will be a problem if I dont have this map in mind.  With the map in mind, I will be aware that I need to do some API checking before using. 

Class cls = NSClassFromString (@"UIDocument");
if (cls) {
    // Create an instance of the class and use it.
} else {
    // Alternate code path to follow when the
    // class is not available.
As an iOS developer, this map also help me to evaluate my skills by checking whether I am familiar with all the listing frameworks.

 the map is created by 德鲁伊

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