Sunday, November 20, 2011

My App (2): Save to Cloud

Please be noted that this App was removed from App Store in May, 2012.
Reason: The App's concept of using iCloud as a cloud disk to save files is not aligned with Apple's perception. Apologize for any inconvenience caused.

This is an App created based on iOS5's iCloud Technology. (Demo)

Main functions: 
1. Save Files to iCloud and automatically shares between different iOS devices.
2. Save Accounts(username/password) to iCloud and automatically shares between different iOS devices.

User Tips: 
On Mac, you can interact (drag files in, delete files, edit files, create folders...)with your iCloud documents on a Mac at path: /Users/Your_User_Name/Library/Mobile Documents/MUPXVM5Q6W~com~creiapp~fileincloud/Documents

Second Tab: Files
Do all the things with file. e.g. Move, Copy, Rename, send as Email attachment, Send local file to iCould, download iCloud files to local, share the file iCloud link to friend for them to download
You can even open unzip a .zip file with this App.

Common ways to add files to the "Save to Cloud":
  1.  connect iOS device to iTunes, drag and drop via iTunes Files sharing.
  2.  open email attachment from "Mail" App.
  3.  open file from any other App that has an option for "Open in...".
  4.  upload image/video from Album via “Loader”

Third Tab: Accounts This tab was developed for people who don't wanna memorize dozens of website logins accounts/passwords. Save the account information in iCloud, you can view it in any iOS device with your iCloud ID set up. 

Strongly suggested you set an App Passcode if you want to save any information here. With App passcode, people wont be able to read your accounts information even they steal your device and jailbreak it. The reason is your account information is secured by complex encryption. 
Have to mention that, the Passcode login for "Save to Cloud" is special because people wont be able to figure out your passcode from your fingers movement during login. The number pad is generated randomly every time.

Some screenshot:

I will be glad to hear your comments after using the App. Thank you very much.