Monday, August 8, 2011

My App (1): Vcard Backup

VCard Backup

Expert on iPhone's Address Book

Main functions of this App are as following:

1. Import VCF contacts from your old mobile device (e.g. Nokia, Android) to iPhone. Just a few button clicks to BULK_import all your contacts, as long as they are standard VCFs. So this app helps reduce a lot of hurdles for people just switching from other smartphone to iPhone.
2. Export your current iPhone Address Book contacts as VCFs, and save them in your computer for usage of other platform or just as a reliable way to backup your contacts. To most people, contact list within the phone is the most important information that they are afraid to lose. So this app will be their good choice: You Can See The VCards.
3. Backup and Restore Address book (2nd Tab). All the data produced within the 2nd Tab is stored within the App. User can use this as a convenient way of backup and restore, but be careful that the saved data will be lost when the App is uninstalled.

Here are some step guidelines and screen captures for this App.

A: Import

  1. Connect your iPhone with your computer.
  2. Add all the VCFs to the App "VCard Backup" via iTunes' File Sharing.
  3. Open the App in your iPhone, and hit Refresh button. You should see total number of VCFs detected by the App.
  4. Hit "Import to Address Book".
  5. That's it. All the contacts are added to your Address Book.

B: Export

  1. For iOS 6, please turn off Contacts to access your Facebook Contacts, as shown below.
  2. Connect your iPhone with your computer.
  3. Open the App "VCard Backup".
  4. Hit "Export All Contacts".
  5. Save the folder "Export" to your local directory via iTunes' File Sharing.

C:Backup & Restore

  1. Click "Backup Address Book".
  2. Click "Restore from Backup" to restore directly within the App. OR
  3. Click "Email".
  4. Open the Attachment (Backup.vcf) from Mail, you will be able to add all the contacts to address book of any iOS device.
Please leave me a comment here if you have any improvement suggestions or find any Bugs of the App. Thank you.